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European Origins


The European Origins of the Durrenbergers


The origin of the Durrenberger name is said to be a region in Austria, south of Salzburg, near the mountain named Dürrnberg. In the United States, Durrenbergers have traced their heritage back to several regions in Europe including the Allgäu Region in Württemberg, Germany; Mertzwiller in Alsace Lorraine, France; and the Canton of Basel, Switzerland.

A Durrenberger emigrated to the United States from Alsace-Lorraine around 1840 and eventually one member of that family settled in Texas where many Durrenbergers now live today . Our own Gebhard Ignatius Dürrenberger immigrated from the Allgäu Region in Württemberg, Germany in 1852 and settled in Minnesota. 

DNA testing has proven that these two families, the Texas and the Minnesota Durrenbergers are not related to each other yet the bear the same, uncommon, surname. Other surnames that appear to have similar DNA profiles are Derryberry, Dirnberger, Durenberger, and Terryberry. 

I have created a separate website with some limited information about the Swiss Durrenbergers. It can be found here.



Our German Origins

The Village of Primisweiler in the Allgäu Region of Württemberg, Germany

The Minnesota Durrenbergers have their own genealogical mysteries to solve. We have examined all of the usual passenger lists of German immigration sources without finding evidence of our ancestor, Gebhard Ignatius Dürrenberger, entering America. Census data tells us that he arrived in this country in June, 1854 from Württemberg and was naturalized in 1855.

We do know that he was born near Wangen-Primisweiler on January 27, 1818. His family had been living in the area for some time. German records indicate that he may have been married to a woman whose first name was Barbara. Her death may have been the reason that he left Württemberg. Little is know about his life in the Wangen-Primisweiler area, but he arrived in this country as a mature individual of 36 years who had sufficient capital and experience to commence farming in the Minnesota River Valley.


Maps of Wangen-Primiweiler, Germany

The map below shows the location of Wangen-Primiweiler, Germany. A user can change the perspective of the map to a sattelite view or focus in or out on the map to obtain a different views of the location.

Aerial View of the Wangen-Primiweiler area. Primisweiler is circled on the left side
Google Maps image of Primisweiler, Germany


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